Encouraging leadership among young people is amazing!  It is not to teach them but enhance their inside desire and guide them through what their heart and mind wants to do.  Can it be “What can we do to save the nature,” or could be “A novel way to make the toilet flush more efficient etc.

A few topics to think about:

  • A competition (for 7-12 old children) on what do you do everyday to save water. Then we can design book(s) for younger kids to learn from the articles we chose to publish and market
  • xxxxxx-yyyy
  • Educate Odia off-site community of our value and let all practice it
  • Develop  a

Please contact us, as a leader, with your ideas to share and lead. A lot of people have spent a lot of time for www.Odishagateway.org. Now we have an infrastructure (as big as you want us to evolve it to) and thank them.