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    Linux Hosting C-Pannel Godaddy Instructions June 4, 2018 

    To access c-panel installed sites from Go daddy account follow the following steps:

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    • Web Hosting
    • Delux
    • Manage
    • C panel Admin button
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  • Starting/Expanding a Business?

    Starting a business?

    First thing first.  There are enormous stuff on the US Small Business Administration website, free to access. From our own experience in life, we can “share” our experience with you. In addition, we are sharing with you a website we found very useful, CLICK HERE, for those who want to take a first ...

  • A doctor won challenging political elephants

    One Doctor’s Needle Fix

  • Develop a plan for senior socializing

    The following plan is being suggested by Dr. Ajit Das (team lead), Dr. Rabi Patnaik, and Sushant Mohanty. The following is a draft.

    • Purpose – Open to all but the events are what will be benefitting seniors (age defined below) to have a social life.
    • Definition of age – Qualifying age General of senior is 55 and ...
    • Dr. Pinaki Panigrahi

      We congratulate Dr. Pinaki Panigrahi, MD., Ph. D, Washington, DC for his pioneering work on

      An alumnus of BJB College, Bhubaneswar and MKCG Medical College, Berhampur,Odisha, India Dr. Panigrahi is currently working as a pediatrician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health. The abstract of the publication in the Journal, Nature follows:

    • White Paper – Drones

      White Paper – Drones

      The Drones or Unmanned Ariel Vehicles technology was researched by the United States of America Navy as a remotely controlled vehicle perfected when it was apparent that US’s symmetric war strategy would not work against asymmetric war of small and state-less terrorist wars in the late 20th century.

      The drone is ...

    • OG Embroidery Products

      A sample of our embroidery product is shown here. We have designed this template which anybody can  get their own lettering on it, or you can lead a  workshop for us to help learn the trade. Through our research we have selected the best industries lined up to develop your Embridery designs and produce any embroidery with Odia Embroidery and ...

    • Maryland Drone Legislation

      Maryland Drone Legislation Support

      Aruna Miller et al., Maryland state legislators  had introduced the MD House Bill 620 concerning Crimes – Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Unauthorized Surveillance on February 12, 2015. The Aerospace Consultants (PI: Dr. Surendra Nath Ray) was requested to conduct a study on the status of current affairs in other states to ...

    • Speech Synthesis Make

      The hackers are the winners today. Consider Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and even IBM, they continuously are after the small and smart guys (or companies) to make their money.  In the 21st century the large technology companies size down space wise and payroll wise but co-invest with small guys to earn big money. As a result ...

    • Ravenshaw U.
      Sesquicentennial Celebration 2017

      Ravenshaw College came to being in 1868 as a premier higher learning institution in India, and on15th November 2006 its status was upgraded to the Ravenshaw University. This institution has shaped Odisha (earlier known as Orissa) bit by bit for last 150 years. We, ...