Malabar Spinach Gardening and Recipes

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Poi (in Odia) is also known as Basella alba is usually referred to as the “spinach” equivalent of a certain country in English, even though it is not related to the true spinach (Spinacia oleracea). Examples include “Malabar spinach”, “Ceylon spinach”, … Continued

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

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Take care of knifes, they’ll make you a better cook. Here is what you need to do: Understand how a knife works Recognize when your knife needs to be sharpened Hone you knives Use the right board Clean them properly … Continued

Fried Rice with left over food

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Second Chance for Leftover cooked foods. Spice Curry Flavored Vegetable Stir-fried Rice Here is a quick, satisfying vegetarian meal. Cut up leftover fresh or frozen vegetables from the refrigerator and stir-fry them with leftover rice. This stir-fried rice gets a … Continued

Emily – Wrapped Prosciutto

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INGREDIENTS:⠀ 4 (4-ounce) mozzarella balls⠀ 1 tablespoon olive oil⠀ Sea salt and black pepper to taste⠀ 12 slices prosciutto⠀ 1 large tomato, cut into 8 slices⠀ 8 large basil leaves⠀ Balsamic glaze, to serve⠀ ⠀ STEPS:⠀ In a large bowl, … Continued

Cauliflower & Roasted Garlic Soup

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Why you should roast a head of garlic virtually every time you turn on the oven? This post was published (Author- Joe Yonan) on Oct. 18, 2017 (some were adapted from a book, “Little Bird  Goodness,” Megan May (Penguin Books, … Continued

Scrambled Egg and Bitter Melon (Kalara)

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Scrambled Egg & Bitter Melon (Kalara) Dr. Subhransu (Mitu) Ray For thousands of years we have been using Bitter Melon, “Kalara” in Odia, in our food in different forms. In rural areas almost all have this climber in the yard or garden. These … Continued

Lentil with Moringa (Sujuna) leaves

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Lentil with Moringa (Sujuna) leaves Dr. S.N.Ray For thousands of years we have been using Moringa leaves, flowers, and beans (called drum sticks) , “Sujuna Saga” in Sujuna Chhuin” respectively in Odia. In Odisha these plants (about 20-50 ft. high) are abundant. … Continued