Olive Oil

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Expiry Date of Olive Oil S.N. Ray The most beneficial life of olive oil is two (2) years from the processing date.  Alternatively the date shown on the oil container may be referred to as “expire”, “use by”, “sell by”, … Continued


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Home Gardening in Washington DC netro Area  S.N. Ray Basics Home gardening is an intoxicating hobby. What kind of garden, flower or vegetable or any mix of these, one wants to accomplish is purely a personal choice. In 1973 as … Continued

Swift’s nonstop flights

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Swifts broke the world record for nonstop flight In the test fight the birds never landed at all travelling more than 10, 000 miles. Common swifts do everything they need to survive while aloft. They mate in the air and consume … Continued

Mandia Khiri (Finger Mallet)

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Mandia (Finger Mallet) Khiri (porridge) Sukanti Ray Millet or Ragi is regularly used in the South Indian kitchens. It’s in fact the staple diet in many villages across South India. Commonly it is used Ragi Porridge (kanji) or Ragi balls. … Continued

Passing away of Prof. Bimbadhar Nayak

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Remembering Prof.  Bimbadhar Nayak Prof.  Swoyam P. Rout from Odisha reported:  September 20, 2016 at 1:02 am – Dr. Bimbadhar Nayak former Profeessr of Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and Ravenshaw University passed away recently.  His students are spread … Continued

Sample Post

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First post….. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, perfecto mandamus nam ea, tollit singulis et duo, mea et vide iisque recusabo. Illum vivendo ancillae te usu. Id mazim aperiri nec, invidunt intellegebat at qui. Et primis fuisset pro. His oporteat suavitate … Continued


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Professor Bibhuti Deo (Physics) Passed away The following note came from Dr. Sodananda Torasia, ex Principal Secretary of Science, State of Odisha. “My dear Surendra, I am deeply aggrieved to inform you that Bibhuti Deo, Professor of Physics passed away … Continued