Cauliflower & Roasted Garlic Soup

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Why you should roast a head of garlic virtually every time you turn on the oven? This post was published (Author- Joe Yonan) on Oct. 18, 2017 (some were adapted from a book, “Little Bird  Goodness,” Megan May (Penguin Books, … Continued

Party Manners

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Dear Miss Manners: I have dinner with a small group of longtime friends who come together once or twice a year to touch base. One person in the group tends to dominate the conversation with greatly detailed storytelling of mishaps … Continued

Scrambled Egg and Bitter Melon (Kalara)

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Scrambled Egg & Bitter Melon (Kalara) Dr. Subhransu (Mitu) Ray For thousands of years we have been using Bitter Melon, “Kalara” in Odia, in our food in different forms. In rural areas almost all have this climber in the yard or garden. These … Continued

Lentil with Moringa (Sujuna) leaves

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Lentil with Moringa (Sujuna) leaves Dr. S.N.Ray For thousands of years we have been using Moringa leaves, flowers, and beans (called drum sticks) , “Sujuna Saga” in Sujuna Chhuin” respectively in Odia. In Odisha these plants (about 20-50 ft. high) are abundant. … Continued

Window seat showcasing

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A very attractive window décor design for reading your news paper A window seat should have its own identity, says D.C. designer Caryn Cramer, who was delighted her room at the 2017 DC Design House contained two. In decorating a window … Continued

Quinoa & Fruit Breakfast

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Puffed Quinoa & fresh fruits – healthy breakfast recipe by Chhabi Satpathy (while visiting Machu Picchu – May 2017) Peru is a big supplier of Quinoa to USA. While visiting Machu Picchu we saw that Quinoa is served a lot … Continued