GoDaddy website maintenance

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Linux Hosting C-Pannel Godaddy Instructions June 4, 2018  To access c-panel installed sites from Go daddy account follow the following steps: My Products Web Hosting Delux Manage C panel Admin button WordPress

Business Client Capture

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Client Capture As a business owner a client is your boss. We have covered the first step of Starting/Expanding a Business. We also had written “One pager” Business Plan. We scribbled up a One Pager plan to save time, and … Continued

Kitchen Knife Sharpening

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Take care of knifes, they’ll make you a better cook. Here is what you need to do: Understand how a knife works Recognize when your knife needs to be sharpened Hone you knives Use the right board Clean them properly … Continued

Fried Rice with left over food

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Second Chance for Leftover cooked foods. Spice Curry Flavored Vegetable Stir-fried Rice Here is a quick, satisfying vegetarian meal. Cut up leftover fresh or frozen vegetables from the refrigerator and stir-fry them with leftover rice. This stir-fried rice gets a … Continued

Extended warranties or not

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Is there any advantage of buying extended warranties? Very minimal. As an example S. N. Ray As an example a writer, Elisabeth Leamy, a podcaster of “Easy Money” has done a study on maintenance  of dishwasher to make the point.  … Continued

Mother’s day Greeting card (Odia)

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Mother’s day is on May 13th 2018. Our digital geeks had designed a Mother’s day greeting card last year (2017), the printed ones were presented to mothers that day. Mothers day cards can be presented to any mother but most importantly if it … Continued