Workshop – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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This workshop is a call for telephone conversation (conference call) and discussions with like minded technical people involved with any or all aspects of AI, spanning science/technology/applications/business personnel either active or passive engagement. The purpose is to organize a group … Continued

Hibiscus Cannabinus (related to Okra)

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Hibiscus Cannabinus (also known as Kenaf) Hibiscus cannabinus is a perennial plant from the Malvaceae family, endemic to tropical areas. It is also closely related to okra, cotton and hollyhocks. It has a very ancient historty with its origins in … Continued

Kitchen Remodeling

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Recommendation You had asked for kitchen remodeling in the DC metro area using Quartz counter top and porcelain floor tiles. Our recommendation is as follows: Materials for counter top Quartz – We recommend visiting (1)  Liva Kitchen Bath, 14805 Willard … Continued

A 3-D-printed robot at the InMoov corner

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A 3-D-printed robot at the InMoov corner during Paris’s VivaTech trade fair. The event is a gathering of start-ups and technology leaders to celebrate innovation. It is also a place to view new products such as autonomous vehicles, connected factories … Continued

Small and Disadntaged Business (SDB) program

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Small Business Administration (SBA) has a program to assist small and economically disadvantaged businesses called 8(a) classification. See if you qualify for this program. Large companies and federal government agencies are obligated to set aside some percentage of their contracts … Continued