Grayscale representation

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Grayscale representation of things. A quality or quantitative valuation. In resort areas: She had been drugged and raped, she said, and the resort did nothing to help her. Name Reference    

How to make a cardboard box

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You Tube:   How to Make a Cardboard Box From Recycled Cardboard What You Need Draw and Cut. I hope that make sense. … Glue the Pieces Together. Sand and Put the Pieces Together. Optional Steps: Wraping the Box With … Continued

Knighting Patten-1 Sabu Dana

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Sabu Dana (ସାବୁଦାନା) Pattern   On You Tube Another design by Madhu’s Handiwork (Hindi) on You Tube Sukanti Version of the pattern      

Roots of Ghadei’s in Odisha

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Ref:CLICK HERE  The above is how an archaeologist trying to find out the roots of Virginia Rappahannock (Indians) tribe. In Odisha these are yet to be studied. Here is where we need research on Pandua Narayan Chakra, a  freedom fighter … Continued